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Themed Jewelry
Themed Jewelry
We have made it easier for you to shop for jewelry based on a theme or feature you might wish to explore. View our collections under the categories listed below – we hope that they will inspire you and help you discover the perfect piece.
Engravable jewelry is a great way to personalize the jewelry pieces you own or give to someone special. An engraved ring or engraved band will be a cherished memento of an unforgettable engagement, wedding or anniversary that is as timeless as the love and commitment for those who wear them. And an engraved disc pendant will make a perfect accessory that is uniquely yours.
Amulets and talismans have been used for protection by many cultures around the world for millennia. Protection amulets are often featured in jewelry, since this is a great way to wear them close to the body. Browse our versatile collection of amulet and protection jewelry and find a unique gold amulet or silver amulet that speaks to you or makes a perfect and thoughtful gift for someone special in your life.
Animals have always been one of the favorite themes in jewelry, with the multitude of forms and meanings that lend themselves beautifully to the realm of wearable art. View our gallery of animal-themed jewelry and discover unique sterling silver animal charms, gold animal charms, animal pendant necklaces and more. Animal charms for bracelets make perfect gifts for charm collectors and animal lovers alike – pick a gorgeous piece and make someone happy!
The beauty of flowers translates delightfully into jewelry, making flowers one of the most cherished and timeless themes. What could be more dazzling than a diamond flower ring, or more gorgeous than a pair of elegant flower earrings? Browse our selection of beautiful flower-themed jewelry and discover a unique piece, such as a flower pendant or lovely flower charms, and you will find a perfect gift for a loved one or a treat for yourself!
Good luck jewelry always makes great, thoughtful gifts that express our kindness and consideration. View our gallery of good luck charms and good luck pendants featuring various symbols believed to bring good luck, such as a lucky horseshoe pendant or a lucky clover charm. Browse our collection of lucky pendants and pick one that will bring good fortune to you and your loved ones.
The familiar shape of a heart is a universal symbol of love. A heart-themed jewelry piece, such as a diamond heart pendant or ring, can be a beautiful way to express affection, from romantic love to friendship and appreciation. Give an elegant gold heart pendant, charm or a pair of pretty heart earrings to show your loved ones how much you care – they will think of you every time they wear it.
Jewelry has been used for millennia to express eternal love, and infinity jewelry beautifully conveys that message. Discover our exciting selection of infinity-themed jewelry featuring the infinity symbol, the love knot, the sun circle and more. Explore the dazzling diamond eternity rings ideal for engagements. Give that special person a gold eternity band to celebrate your anniversary or an eternal love pendant that will underscore just how much they mean to you.
Initial jewelry, such as a charming initial pendant, adds an elegant personal touch to your look and is a fun way to make your jewelry stand out. View our selection of initial necklaces and initial charms that make great, affordable gifts. Pick a stylish white or yellow gold necklace with engraved or cut-out initials as a fun and thoughtful gift for a friend or a loved one, or an initial letter pendant to add to your own jewelry collection.
Keys jewelry makes timeless and versatile adornments great for any occasion – a key can symbolize everlasting love or serve as a protection amulet or an elegant and intriguing accessory in a form of necklaces, bracelet charms, purse charms and anything in between. View our gallery or key-themed jewelry and choose a unique piece – be it a gold key pendant or a diamond key pendant – that will perfectly suit your taste and budget.
Jewelry is a perfect way to express love and commitment. From the romantic love to friendship and appreciation, a beautiful jewelry piece will definitely convey your message and can become a cherished keepsake for generations to come. From love earrings, to love necklaces to love charms and more – explore our collection and find the perfect piece, such as a dazzling diamond love knot pendant or a timeless eternity band – the possibilities are endless!
The moon has fascinated us since the dawn of mankind and its mysterious beauty makes it a great theme for jewelry. Explore our collection of moon-themed jewelry, including charming moon necklace choices, moon and star earrings and more. Find an elegant moon pendant or a crescent moon and star necklace. And to make your moon jewelry truly dazzle with shine, choose a spectacular diamond crescent moon pendant that will illuminate your neckline with celestial glow.
Passion for music and appreciation for jewelry often go hand in hand, and at OroSpot you will find a perfect piece – such as an elegant music necklace – to make jewelry enthusiasts and music lovers happy. Among charms, music theme is becoming increasingly popular. Choose a music note necklace for a lovely and unique gift – a sparkly diamond music note pendant will beautifully accentuate the neckline.
The peace sign is one of the most universally recognizable symbols, and now you can have it close to you every time you wear our peace-themed jewelry. Give a gift of peace or express your own love of peace with a dazzling diamond peace sign necklace or a pair of silver or gold peace sign earrings. Choose a silver or gold peace necklace or a diamond peace sign pendant to make an impressive and elegant statement.
Seasonal jewelry is a great way to make holidays even more festive or to celebrate the cycle of life, the beauty of nature and the special times that bring us joy and reflection. Browse our gallery of charming seasonal whispers jewelry that will add a touch of sparkly elegance to your outfit. Seasonal earrings, pendants and charms make perfect gifts for loved ones and fitting accessories for special occasions and holidays year round.
Skull theme is one of the hottest trends in women’s and men’s jewelry today, with popular celebrities sporting skull earrings, rings and pendants. Stand out from the crowd and wear a sterling silver or gold skull necklace or make a dazzling fashion statement with a bold diamond skull pendant. Choose a stunning sapphire skull pendant for men as a great gift for a cool and stylish guy.
The symbol of star reaches across many cultures and traditions, but it always lifts up spirits and brings joy with its magical shape and the promise of sparkling shine. Explore our collection of star-themed jewelry, from a Star of David necklace to crescent moon and star earrings. View our star necklace selection and find an elegant gold Star of David pendant, a fun and shiny star fish pendant – and plenty in between!
Zodiac jewelry has been worn for centuries as a lucky charm and an expression of one’s identity associated with the astrological signs. OroSpot offers a vast selection of beautiful zodiac jewelry including zodiac charms and zodiac necklaces that make perfect gifts for birthdays, holidays and… just because. Browse our collection of pendants featuring the whole spectrum of astrological signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

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