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Wedding Bands
Wedding Bands
The wedding bands you exchange represent the everlasting commitment, and at OroSpot we offer an exquisite selection of unique rings that will symbolize these bonds. Explore our vast collection, including dazzling diamond wedding bands for women, timeless solid metal platinum wedding bands, yellow gold wedding bands, white gold wedding bands and gemstone wedding bands in many styles and designs to suit every personality, taste and budget. Shop both men’s and women’s wedding bands and find the wedding band that will be the perfect expression of your love.
A diamond wedding band is the ultimate expression of love. We feature an impressive selection of women’s diamond wedding bands to complement any engagement ring as well as diamond eternity wedding bands that are beautifully suited for anniversaries. Explore our selection of cuts – you might just fall in love with our sophisticated French cut diamond wedding bands glimmering with subdued shine. Whether you are looking for platinum diamond wedding bands, gold and diamond wedding bands or bands embellished with gemstones, OroSpot invites you to browse our exquisite collection of wedding bands for women and men.
If you are thinking about going for the non-traditional look, our assortment of unique and non-traditional wedding bands is sure to inspire you and help you choose a truly exceptional piece that will stand out and highlight the uniqueness of your commitment and your relationship. Think “outside the perfect circle” and consider wedding bands with curved, wavy shanks – perhaps even accentuated with intricate, tiny gemstones in either modern or vintage-style setting. Or consider one of our beautifully crafted engraved or pierced bands that are their own exceptional pieces of art. Your unique ring may feature decorative elements, such as elaborate organic shapes, or spiritual symbols, like the love knot, the lotus flower, infinity – let your heart guide you! Break with tradition in the most beautiful and stylish way by highlighting your wedding or anniversary with one of these stunning pieces.
Our collection of metal wedding bands offers timeless elegance and durability to match your special commitment and the long-lasting, pure and eternal love. The classically beautiful solid gold wedding bands, especially 14K solid gold wedding bands, have always been couples’ favorite choice, but platinum 950 wedding bands have long been an elegant alternative. The distinctive and sophisticated black metal wedding bands also have been gaining popularity among both men and women. We invite you to explore our selection of solid metal wedding bands and choose from many classic and vintage style designs.
These special wedding bands are intended to be worn in sets to create a unique, customized effect. Most of our stackable bands are very thin (approximately 1.5 mm) and look best when worn together, even up to 4 or 6 on a single finger. They can be mixed and matched between various styles, and their order can be changed in creative ways, which makes them especially exciting and inspiring pieces to wear. Browse our selection of stackable wedding bands embellished with rows of tiny diamonds and other gemstones, including rubies, sapphires and travorites attached using the Mirco-Set technique. They offer endless possibilities to express a personal style!
Discover our diverse assortment of vintage style wedding rings crafted from an array of precious metals and often set with glittering gems that beautifully reflect the timeless and romantic nature of your special commitment. Our vintage style wedding bands for women and men also feature intricate detailing, engraving and filigree designs that will make it easy for you to find a perfect vintage style wedding ring. Whether you are looking for metal, diamond or gemstone vintage style wedding jewelry inspired by the glamorous past, OroSpot will help you find a truly unique vintage style wedding band.
We offer an alluring collection of gemstone wedding bands designed to make an impact among the fashion conscious generation of today. Choose a perfect gemstone wedding band from a variety of stones, including ruby, sapphire and emeralds in sleek and elegant channel setting, alone or accentuated with dazzling diamonds. Pick a style that reflects your preferences – be it a contemporary, vintage or Art Deco style gemstone wedding ring. Our diverse selection of colors and designs is bound to lead you to that special gemstone wedding band that will become the unique symbol of enduring love.
If you are looking for a wedding ring that will seamlessly fit together with the engagement ring, consider one of our curved wedding rings, also known as “ring enhancers” or “ring guards”. Curved wedding bands are design to be worn together with various types of engagement rings, and OroSpot offers curved wedding bands with different depths, lengths and shapes of the curve to ensure a perfect match. Choose from our impressive collection of Vintage style, modern and engraved curved bands and find one that will best complement your ring.

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