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Engagement Rings
Engagement Rings
An engagement ring is one of life’s most significant purchases. Whether you are looking for modern engagement rings or antique style engagement rings, OroSpot is proud to offer excellent selection of unique engagement rings, perfect for this important occasion. We showcase many exquisite designs featuring engagement rings made in the U.S., including platinum and gold engagement rings for women adorned with a wide spectrum of gemstones, from the classic diamonds to deep rubies and plenty in between.
Our assortment of diamond engagement rings features a variety of styles, cuts and shapes, including the ever more popular princess cut rings. For a timeless look, chose a beautiful white diamond; for a striking splash of color, consider one of our yellow diamond engagement rings or diamond and sapphire rings featuring generous center stones surrounded by supporting diamonds. Browse through our vintage diamond engagement rings and 3 stone diamond engagement rings that signify the present, past and future, and halo engagement rings, where a halo of diamonds surrounds and accentuates the solitaire stone. And for a stunning dazzle all over the ring, consider one of our micro pave engagement rings with tiny diamonds leading the way to the main gem.
For those more adventurous at heart and those who want to go beyond the traditional look, we offer an exciting selection of non-traditional and unique engagement rings. You might consider a ring that features two or three gemstones of your choice. You can also make your ring unique by choosing a distinctive band – be it a modern asymmetrical or split shank, or an intricate organic tree-shaped design. Or look into our beautiful assortment of artistic vintage style rings that are unconventional and timeless at the same time. If you simply want to go beyond the traditional clear diamond, you can choose a ring that makes a unique statement with a vibrant splash of color, such as an enchanting green emerald, a luxurious blue sapphire, a bright yellow citrine or a vivacious pink tourmaline, to name just a few. Browse our collection of unique and non-traditional rings and let it help you make shopping for the engagement ring even more exciting!
Nothing can replace the timeless and mystic appeal of a gemstone engagement ring – worn by the royals for hundreds of years, gemstone engagement rings are guaranteed to never go out of style! Browse our impressive selection of unique gemstone engagement rings with stunning solitaire jewels in colored gemstone engagement rings, such as emerald gemstone engagement rings, or multi-gemstone rings where various stones complement one another. We also offer a large variety of dazzling diamond and gemstone engagement rings with beautiful stones accentuated by diamonds, making them burst with sine. Explore the rich variety of options suited to every style and budget.
Moissanite, a rare mineral first discovered by Henri Moissan in 1893 in a fiery meteor, is one of the hardest substances known, with a hardness below that of diamond and with some optical properties exceeding those of diamonds. The price, however, is much less than the price of diamonds, which makes this spectacular stone a great lower-cost alternative. Forever Brilliant™ is a premium brand of moissanite, up to four grades whiter than conventional moissanite. Browse our collection of moissanite engagement rings that will captivate you with unsurpassed fire, brilliance and luster that rivals that of diamonds. Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes, and make a Forver Brilliant moissanite ring a unique symbol of your commitment.
If you are drawn to the allure of vintage jewelry, our sophisticated collection of vintage inspired engagement rings will help you find a true gem. It features vintage antique engagement rings from romantic eras of the past in a multitude of styles, including Edwardian style rings, Art Deco style rings and many other vintage style engagement rings – each with its own individual appeal. We showcase exquisite vintage diamond engagement rings, vintage sapphire engagement rings and vintage gold engagement rings whose enduring charm will capture the strength and beauty of your relationship. Choose your perfect vintage style engagement ring that is as timeless and unique as your love!

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